FRANCE THALASSO : Syndicat officiel de la Thalassothérapie en France


Thalassotherapy is  « the medical use of the beneficial properties of the sea (which includes coastal climate, seawater, marine mud, seaweed, sand, and other substances extracted from the sea) in a preventative and remedial aim ».

The curative qualities of seawater and seaside climate have been used for therapeutic purposes since Roman times; today thalassotherapy is also seen as a veritable aid to your wellbeing.

Along with recharging your batteries, taking care of yourself and reducing stress, thalassotherapy helps you find harmony with your body and spirit as well as solve a specific problem (trouble sleeping, circulatory, arthritis, menopausal, etc).

For a treatment to be successful it is important to get advice from trained professionals:

FRANCE THALASSO, the national thalassotherapy syndicate, gives you a complete overview of the thalassotherapy options in France by gathering health and wellbeing professionals who voluntary adhere to their quality charter.

Book with peace of mind, FRANCE THALASSO is a quality guarantee for your health.